As many of you will have noticed over the last few weeks, I have conducted some high level primary research on why Lean roll outs fail to optimise. As promised, below are the first cut of results, 3 main categories of reasons for sub optimisation came through strongly:

1. Nature / Structure of programme (26% of responses): This included lack of structure, poor prioritisation, poor data and too much of a short term focus.

2. Investment in people (24% of responses): Insufficient investment in CI/Lean skilled resource, poor level of lean education at a senior level and not enough training or time devoted to the programme generally across the organisation.

3. Lack of management support (22% of responses): Lack of buy in and support, focus on benefits that it brings their own area rather than the system, value stream or customer and too easy to revert back to old ways.

(For info: the vast majority of respondents were involved in Lean programmes – either in lead, facilitation or delivery roles)

As you can see, there wasnt much to seperate the three groups above but they received the majority of votes. The next stage of the study is to investigate these areas in more detail, understand the root causes and look for ways these can be mitigated. Thanks to everyone who participated in the study, I hope you find the results interesting.